Azuki Announces Community Garden Tour

Azuki Announces Community Garden Tour
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Azuki is supporting holders on a journey across the Asia-Pacific with five community-led events, starting in Hong Kong on Nov. 2.

The Deets

  • 5 community-led events spanning across the Asia-Pacific
  • The tour starts in Hong Kong on November 2nd
  • Collect a stamp in your Garden Tour passport book for each event attended
  • Wallet registration via tokenproof is required, linked to your Collector Profile
  • Event NFTs available for purchase also serve as collectible stamps in your Collector's Profile
  • Proceeds from event NFT sales support local community organizations

The Bulk

Azuki is embarking on an exciting journey to connect with its community across the Asia-Pacific region. The Azuki Garden Tour will feature five events, each hosted in a different city, starting with Hong Kong on November 2.

These events are bolstered by the Azuki Collector's Profile. Attendees at each event will receive a collectible stamp in their Garden Tour passport book, a digital memento of their participation in this unique tour. To ensure eligibility, participants must register their wallets through tokenproof, linked to their Collector Profile.

For those unable to physically attend, Azuki has a thoughtful solution. Purchasing an event NFT from the respective event organizer not only adds to your Collector's Profile but also contributes directly to the local community organizations responsible for these remarkable events.

Azuki is helping its community organizers, providing resources for event planning and logistics to ensure that each tour stop is a resounding success. The Azuki Garden Tour promises to be a fantastic opportunity to connect, engage, and explore the vibrant crypto community in Hong Kong, Taipei, Melbourne, Shanghai, and Tokyo.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Take Action

Interested in joining the Azuki Garden Tour? The first event kicks off in Hong Kong on November 2. Secure your spot here.

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