Michael Winkelmann Announces Beeple Studios, an IRL Space for NFT Artists

Michael Winkelmann Announces Beeple Studios, an IRL Space for NFT Artists
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Michael Winkelmann, known to the NFT community as Beeple, is building a new space for artists to showcase digital artworks in a physical way.

"I'm very excited to show the first sneak peak at just one part of our studio here in Charleston," Beeple wrote on Twitter under a video that showed builders constructing a new warehouse-style building. "This will be a outlet for not just my artwork, but the entire digital art [and] NFT community."

The new building, known as Beeple Studios, aims to bring the next wave of collectors to web3 art.

"The boom happened because suddenly a lot more people learned of what we were doing and believed in it," Beeple continued. "For that to happen again, we need to find new ways of bringing in collectors who probably now have heard of NFTs but still don't really 'get it.'"

One new way to do that is to return to an old way of sharing art -- IRL (in-real-life). 

"I believe by showing people that this artwork can absolutely be shared and appreciated in real life, not just on our tiny screens, they will see that this medium is just like any other with the ability to bring beauty, provoke thoughtful discussion, and truly move us," Beeple added. "I know how insanely passionate our community is, which makes me so pumped and humbled to have this ability to help share that with the rest of the world. I can't wait to start bringing people together here."

Beeple ended his announcement with a bit of mystery. This is apparently only the first half of what he is building. The second half is "where s*** is going to get real."

Michael Winkelmann is one of the top-selling NFT artists. His “Everydays: The First 5,000 Days” sold for nearly $70 million at Christie’s in March 2021.

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