BIG3 Basketball Minting NFT Project

BIG3 Basketball Minting NFT Project
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BIG3, a three-on-three basketball league founded by Ice Cube, is minting NFTs to provide exclusive access and benefits to NFT holders.

The mint for Gold Tier (FEAT) NFTs is taking place at 

To mint, users must first agree to a set of terms and conditions which explicitly state that the user does not earn any ownership interest or equity within the teams associated with the BIG3 basketball league. 

Each NFT though will grant exclusive access and benefits including:

  • Exclusive tickets to games
  • Access to the owner's parties
  • Free merchandise
  • Discord access 
  • and more...

For the full list of benefits, refer to the BIG3 breakdown on the site

The BIG3 Ownership NFTs come in two tiers, Fire and Gold.

Each of the 25 teams has 400 NFTs - 375 Gold and 25 Fire Tier NFTs each.  

Gold NFTs come with fewer benefits but can be minted for 2.5 ETH or $4,500 via Moonpay. 

Fire NFTs, which provide near-unlimited access to parties and exclusive events, were minted at a price tag of 9.3 ETH and have sold out for each team at the time of writing. 

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