Animoca, ALTAVA Partner for Bored Ape Golf Club

Animoca, ALTAVA Partner for Bored Ape Golf Club
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ALTAVA Group, a luxury fashion brand, announced a licensing partnership with Animoca Brands, whereby Animoca Brands will allow ALTAVA to utilize its Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs for a project called Bored Ape Golf Club. 

The Deets

  • BAGC NFTs are golf themed derivative of BAYC. 
  • BAGC NFTs provide holders with access to golf courses, exclusive merch, and a voxel companion for use in The Sandbox. 
  • Special edition BAGC NFTs will exist and be outfitted with Sandbox or Animoca Brands clothing.
  • IP licensing and management service included

The Details

Each BAGC NFT is created based on the original Bored Apes owned by Animoca Brands, the Sandbox, and Elite Apes. 

Holders will have access to a unique IP licensing and management service courtesty of ALTAVA Group, which will have "a dedicated team to help with IP monetization" for BAGC holders. 

Holders will at least receive an BAGC branded golf merchandise and access to exclusive courses throughout Korea, Turkey, and Vietnam. 

❗️Why It Matters

As the biggest brand in the space, it's no surprise that Bored Apes would be the licensing choice for ALTAVA to create a luxury golf club via NFTs. What is most interesting about the agreement is that the company will provide a dedicated team of workers to help BAGC NFT holders with help in monetizing their IP. Owning the Bored Ape IP is undoubtedly valuable (beyond just the NFT floor price), but few holders have the skills to take advantage of the IP they hold. With ALTAVA's help, BAGC NFT holders will likely have a leg up on your average NFT holder that wants to "make use" of their NFTs IP. 

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Love to see more luxury activations in web3! Congratulations 🤍Societhy

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