Ape Bought for $1.2M Featured on Asian 'Social Network' Platform

Ape Bought for $1.2M Featured on Asian 'Social Network' Platform
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Bored Ape Yacht Club No. 7537 was purchased for 1,024 ETH (about $1.23 million value) Tuesday by btok1024.eth, a wallet address that leads to a purported social networking platform called Btok, which claims it has more than 10 million active users, mostly in China.

Btok says it's the "world's leading blockchain social network," though a link to its primary group messaging platform only shows 9,000 members. Its Twitter account (@Btok_official) also has only 20,000 followers, and its app, downloadable on Apple and Android devices, is a Telegram skin with a rotating ad at the top.

The Ape purchased by the platform is featured on the Btok website, in an animated video where the Ape walks down a deserted street, then gets a message on its phone saying "Bitcoin is stupid and evil," to which it replies "To the moon!" 

Most of the platform's clients appear to be Binance Smart Chain coins, such as Marvin Inu, which has a 50/100 score on Token Sniffer. The company recently tweeted that it would partner with projects such as MiniDoge, Floki Inu and PORNROCKET for the upcoming "Red Packet Festival." 

Three days ago, BAYC founder Gordon Goner warned users that there was “credible information that there may soon be an attack on our social media accounts.” The sale was retweeted by the @BoredApeYC Twitter account from an Ape sales bot tweet. It's the highest sale in ETH in the collection's history, though the price of ETH has dropped significantly since the previous ETH-high sale: a trippy fur Ape that sold for 769 ETH, which was worth about $2.3 million when it was purchased Sept. 30, 2021. It's also the highest sale by far for the police motorcycle helmet trait, which had a previous high of 169 ETH, leading some Twitter users to question the validity of the sale. 

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