Apes Back on Top

Apes Back on Top
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The floor price of Bored Ape Yacht Club has flipped the CryptoPunks floor once again, as the two vie for the top PFP project in a challenging NFT market.

The floor price on OpenSea is 69 ETH for the Apes and 66 ETH for the Punks on the CryptoPunks website Saturday. The floor price for the Apes on Blur (about 67 ETH) is also just above the Punks floor.

The two projects have been flipping each other since August of this year, when Punks flipped Apes for about 45 minutes, taking the top spot for the first time since December of 2021, when Apes first flipped Punks.

BAYC is up 17 percent since Nov. 22 when the floor price hit an 11-month low of 58.87 ETH. The increase comes despite concerns that the ApeCoin staking contract website was geofenced for the United States and Canada.

Yuga Labs, the parent company of BAYC and the one-time owner of the Punks IP before it relinquished rights to Punks holders, recently announced a roadmap item — the trial of Jimmy the Monkey —on Thanksgiving.

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