Prizes for Apes Vs Mutants Mobile Competition Are Now Ready

Prizes for Apes Vs Mutants Mobile Competition Are Now Ready
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The first batch of prizes for the Ape Vs Mutants mobile competition from February 2022 are now ready to be shipped out to winners, according to Bored Ape Yacht Club's (BAYC) official Twitter.

The Ape Vs Mutants official leaderboard was posted to the team's Medium account on Feb. 4. Prizes include:

  • BAYC (Apes Vs Mutants)
    • 1st Place: The BAYC Pinball Machine (custom-built)
    • Top 50: BAYC Bronze-Cast Statuette
    • Top 102: Artisan-Made BAYC Bong
    • Top 256: Trippy Captain's Hat
    • Top 1,000: Curtis Plush Toy
  • MAYC (Mutants Vs Apes)
    • 1st Place: The Mutant Mobile (2002 Honda Accord decked out in MAYC regalia)
    • Top 51: MAYC Sewer Grate Sculpt
    • Top 102: Mutant Ape Beer Stein
    • Top 254: Trash-Scented Candle
    • Top 1,000: "Drink It" Mutant Serum T-Shirt

The full list of leaderboard winners can be found here.

Yuga Labs and BAYC rarely email holders or contest participants, but this is a special case due to shipping issues.

"Because supply chain issues prolonged our timeline, we have emailed winners to confirm your shipping address and phone number," the team wrote on Twitter. "Be on the lookout for an email we sent a few minutes prior to this thread going live to the email address you submitted during the competition."

The email will NOT ask for crypto wallet or NFT information.

"Note that this email is ONLY asking you for your address and phone number," the team continued. "We will never ask for your seed phrase and will never require a gas signature in support emails."

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