Capsule House Changes Game Plan for 2023

Capsule House Changes Game Plan for 2023
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Capsule House is reforming its parent company Yokai House Inc. into an LLC with equity redistribution for holders as it seeks to combat the macroeconomic environment, according to a recent Twitter thread from the team.

Why It Matters: Traditional NFT projects are now burdened with declining revenue sources. Royalties are running dry. Investment in the web3 space is slowing. Capsule House is changing the way its business operates in an effort to overcome these challenges.

What It Means: The founders are not stepping down. All founders remain onboard. This is simply a refresh of the team's "mindset and pacing."

Instead of pursuing a feature-length anime film, merchandise, mangas, and additional storytelling content, Capsule House is now focused on producing art more sustainably, including the community in its sustainability efforts, and following through on its promises to holders.

In Q1 of 2023, Capsule House will roll out:

  • A special 3D pixel world
  • the Capsule Codex website
  • the remaining Bouquets for each species on Secret Garden
  • And, an anime trailer

The Big Picture: Capsule House recognizes it can no longer succeed by following "the traditional NFT project playbook." Rather, it will innovate and scale back its ambitions to create a more realistic and fruitful 2023 for holders.

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