Capsule House Launches New Immersive Website

Capsule House Launches New Immersive Website
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Capsule House launched its brand new immersive website at The project's old website has been retired to

The new website comes with an interactive design and clean look. In addition to sections on the homepage about the team's vision, the 2022 roadmap, the project's artists, capsule lore, and a contact form, Capsule House's new website now sports the Capsule House Gallery and a new About Us section. A members-only access page is coming soon.

The Capsule House Gallery allows users to navigate through all the project's species in both hatched and unhatched forms. Sort and filter by backgrounds, animations, elements, and other traits. Users can also search for Capsule House NFTs by ID. 

The new About Us section explains the project to newcomers.

"Capsule House is a creative studio for exceptional art and music and a welcoming destination for artists, fans, and collectors," the new website reads. "Famed illustrators and animators Seerlight and Kaejunni and develop, music producer Oksami, create meticulously crafted, immersive storytelling that transports you to a world that is both nostalgic and universal."

Updates about the new members-only section are expected soon.

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