RTFKT's EGG Claim Is Now Live for Holders

RTFKT's EGG Claim Is Now Live for Holders
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The official EGG claim is now open on RTFKT's website, according to a recent Discord announcement from the team. Claim here.

The rules are simple: one CLONE equals one EGG.

"EGGS are just the beginning of our next ... IP, Project Animus," the team wrote on Discord. "Protect your EGG and keep it safe, we have a lot more coming while you'll wait for it to hatch."

The official OpenSea collection is available here.

To claim an EGG:

  1. Connect your main MetaMask wallet to the website. Do not switch wallets mid-flow.
  2. Click claim.

To troubleshoot potential issues, follow this advice provided by the RTFKT team:

  • If you have Clones in different wallets, connect with one wallet, mint the amount of eggs you want, and then after check-out, disconnect your wallet and restart the flow with another wallet address. Again, the key thing here is you cannot switch wallet addresses mid-flow.

  • You also cannot have multiple wallet addresses connected to the site at the same time. 
    [This is a] MetaMask issue that will be resolved in Q1 '23.

  • Old collections not showing up in RTFKT Inventory is normal.

  • Can't claim EGGs for all Clones? Go to "MY NFT" tab and try again.

  • Can't see the claim page on RTFKT.com? Please refresh your cache / Try different browser / Try incognito mode.

  • You can see if the Clone has already claimed an egg on Egg Checker (RTFKT.com)

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