RTFKT Teases 'Clone X Story Mode'

RTFKT Teases 'Clone X Story Mode'
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RTFKT released a video teasing a "Clone X Story Mode," which contained little information on the next steps for the project or what holders can do to take part in story mode.

The video opened with a loading bar with the following written underneath, almost illegibly:

"Clone DNA symbiosis in process

establishing contact with Clone X Research Facility and The Progenitor

Avatar interlink activated

Lone expansion mapping of the Omniverse inbound"

The video then cut to a map with equally small type highlighting four spots with the following information:

- Orbnar

34, 45 U54 34543

Location of the Clone X Research Facility The Progenitor is on the verge of unveiling its latest creation. Threat levels are high.

- Unknown

23 34 T-43 23432

Searching area for Artisan signal. Potential resource and artifacts detected. Scouting team has yet to be deployed

- Draco_42

5th magnitude K-type giant star within the Draco constellation

- Another spot on the map that appears to say "Omni Portals Detected."

The video ends with the word: "ENGAGED" with the words "Incubation, The Wandersmith, and The Exodus" underneath.

Prices on all RTFKT NFTs are stable since the 5 p.m. ET announcement Tuesday. There were also less than four messages in the RTFKT Discord in the 30 minutes after the announcement.

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