RTFKT Announces Next Forge Date

RTFKT Announces Next Forge Date
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RTFKT's Nike Air Force 1 forging is slated for Apr. 23, according to a tweet from the company

The Deets

The forging period allows holders of pre-forged RTFKT NFTs to redeem a physical companaion. Additional details include:

  • The forging will run from Apr. 23 and last until May 8
  • There is no additional forging cost and holders are only responsible for paying gas. 
  • Physical sneakers are expected to ship in Q4 2023. 
  • Pre-forged ERC-1155 will be burned in the process, and a "Forged" ERC-721 will be sent to the holder after forging. 
  • There are 10 designs available. 
  • Forging will take place on RTFKT.com.

❗Why It Matters

RTFKT joins a group of 2021 projects with waning excitement and a growing negative sentiment, but the forging events and merchandise brings the project back to its roots of *phygital* fashion. However, despite those roots, questions arose this week about a potential quality of the RTFKT product. The Nike Air Force 1 forge has been one of the most highly anticipated apparel forges for the company, putting its Nike acquisition to good use - but it seems it will still need to provide a quality experience to start earning back the trust of the community.

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