Coolman's Babies Mint Paused, Price Slashed

Coolman's Babies Mint Paused, Price Slashed

The Coolman’s Universe Babies collection mint price has been changed after the project cited “feedback” around the 0.195 ETH mint price.

The project paused the allowlist mint of its companion NFT and changed the price to 0.089 ETH Saturday. All allowlist minters will be refunded the difference in mint price and those who used Jar Dude NFTs to claim will receive their Babies NFT and an additional Jar Dude, according to a Discord announcement. 

The mint will reopen at 2:30 p.m. ET Saturday.

“While the team remains extremely confident in the future value of this collection, we also understand the current state of the market and know an adjustment needed to be made,” the project tweeted. “We hoped to get this right the first time, but didn't. That is on us.”

There were 749 Babies minted in the 20,000-edition collection before the contract was paused. The floor price is currently 0.17 ETH. 

The Coolman’s Universe floor is 0.43 ETH, down more than 17 percent from a day ago.

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