Cool Cats Make Round of Layoffs

Cool Cats Make Round of Layoffs
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The Cool Cats team has started a round of layoffs, as announced yesterday afternoon by Cool Cats Community Council member, The Good Knight, and confirmed by messages from the Cool Cats CEO in the project discord.

Details on how many individuals lost their jobs and the reason behind the layoffs have not yet emerged. 

The Cool Cats organization "had to make some difficult decisions with our team over the last 2 days," said the Cool Cats CEO (ChiefCoolCat) in the project's Discord.

He went on to state that team members were notified that they would be part of the team for the next 5 weeks, that they would receive a severance package through the end of the year, and that the team would still have access to email and communication channels. He also noted that contractors would be handled differently than team members.

Some initial first-hand stories have surfaced from former team members Senior Digital Illustrator Kittycakes and Software Developer Dani, who seem to dispute the CEO's claims. These accounts indicate that the layoffs were unannounced and those notified had virtually no time to say goodbye to other team members before their access and communication channels were disabled. 

Lucky Trader will update this story as more details are released.

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