Cool Cats Releases Details on New Arc8-Powered Game

Cool Cats Releases Details on New Arc8-Powered Game

After recently announcing that the team is partnering with Arc8 by GAMEE to offer in-game NFT rewards, Cool Cats released details about its upcoming game partnership via GAMEE's Medium blog.

"Hey all you cool cats and kittens," the blog post reads. "Just when you thought Arc8 couldn't get any better, we go and partner up with the amazing Cool Cats to bring you a brilliant new game, launching on Sep. 8."

The game, titled Cool Cats Combinations, is a numbered tile puzzle where players gain points for combining three or more tiles of the same number. Players earn more points for combination bonuses, too, and power-ups are available for clear tiles based on gameplay.

There will be three different levels of competition for Cool Cats NFT holders, Cool Pets NFT holders, and all Arc 8 players. Cool Cats and Cool Pets holders will have to link their MetaMask account to the Arc8 web app.

All rewards are based on random draws. Cool Cats holders will have three draws, Cool Pets holders will have two draws, and all Arc8 players will have one draw.

Rewards include:

  • Three Cool Cats NFTs
    • To qualify, reach 350,000 total accumulative points in the game
  • 60 Cool Cats G-Bot Starters
    • To qualify, reach 250,000 total accumulative points in the game
  • 30 Cool Cats Swag Packs (Merchandise)
    • To qualify, reach 250,000 total accumulative points in the game

Arc8 is also giving away 10,000 MATIC tokens. These will be given away at random to Arc8 players.

For more information about Cool Cats Combinations, see the full Medium article here.

More about Cool Cats

Cool Cats is a collection of 9,999 unique, randomly generated cats on the Ethereum blockchain. All cats are cool, but the Cool Cats that have a complete outfit find themselves in different rarity tiers. Cool Pets, a companion collection that was airdropped to Cool Cats holders, function as playable characters in the project's "Cooltopia" game.

At the time of publish, the Cool Cats floor price sits at 2 ETH, and has stayed relatively flat over the past 24 hours on 12 ETH volume of transactions. Over the last 30 days, 24 sharp wallets have sold 32 NFTs and 4 sharp wallets have bought 4 NFTs in the Cool Cats collection. Catch up on other recent Cool Cats news here.

Recent Cool Cats Sales

#1538sold at 12/02 8:12am for
#5865sold at 12/02 3:12am for
#5414sold at 12/01 10:12pm for
#6275sold at 12/01 4:12pm for
#2503sold at 12/01 4:12pm for

Recent Cool Cats Listings

#5544listed at 12/02 9:12am for
#7458listed at 12/02 9:12am for
#7458listed at 12/02 8:12am for
#7458listed at 12/02 8:12am for
#7458listed at 12/02 8:12am for
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