Cool Cats Teases New Characters This Friday

Cool Cats Teases New Characters This Friday
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Cool Cats released a new GIF on Twitter showcasing its five upcoming character additions to the Cooltopia ecosystem. The tweet suggests more information will be revealed on Friday, Jul. 29 at 3 p.m. ET.

At the end of May 2022, Cool Cats posted an image with these five new characters accompanied by Blue Cat.

"Cool Cats all started with Blue Cat and celebrated a vision of community, fun, inclusivity, and good vibes," the post reads. "We're getting back to our roots through introducing new friends, characters, and the world they live in."

This is part of Cool Cats new focus on IP (intellectual property) and community. The team had a successful event at NFT NYC in New York City and the web3 space seems to be responding positively to the team's refocus on branding.

What exactly these new characters' roles in Cooltopia will be is yet to be seen. But in May, the Cool Cats team had this to say via Twitter:

"More characters equals more opportunities," the tweet reads. "More opportunity for interacting with our community, ecosystem, getting in on the fund, and participating with the brand as a whole."

The next tweet in the thread also seems to suggest this will be an upcoming NFT drop. The tweet labeled "Character NFT Drops" reads, "We'll mostly be sticking to our original formula with new characters -- keep it simple, make it bold."

The tweet includes an image of hat, face, shirt, body, and tier traits, similar to the Blue Cat mint. 

Finally, Cool Cats hinted at its "Coolverse," an interactive metaverse "where we funnel in new characters and have fun together."

Stay tuned for an official announcement on the possible upcoming NFT mint and how these new characters fit into the ever-expanding world of Cooltopia.

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