Cool Cats to Focus on Blue Cat, Gaming in 2023

Cool Cats to Focus on Blue Cat, Gaming in 2023
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Cool Cats revealed a wealth of information about the NFT project's upcoming plans for 2023, including a renewed focus on Blue Cat and its gaming partnership with Animoca Brands, during a recent Town Hall event.

As the team continues to develop its IP, the main focus of the project will be on content and storytelling, particularly focused on Blue Cat, the collection's primary character. This move quells any expectation of the previously-announced Jo the Bird NFT drop happening soon. The Jo collection was supposed to release in Q4 2022, but that is no longer the case.

"We're going to start telling the story of Blue Cat. Blue Cat is super important," co-founder Lynqoid said. "We're going to have a massive focus on content and our storytelling next year."

"As one of the coolest brands in the web3 space, the content and stories are going to be good," he continued. "We want to put a heavy focus on everyone who holds a Cool Cat and anyone who is on this journey with us."

How exactly Cool Pets, the expansion collection for Cool Cats, works its way into 2023 plans is currently unknown.

"It all has to start with story," CEO Stephen Teglas said. "It all has to come back to what is the story and what is the context in which we're bringing [Jo and Paper Cats and Cool Pets] to life."

With the renewed focus on Blue Cat, content, and storytelling, the team plans to leverage its relationship with Animoca Brands to create a new game path focused on fun stories that avoid grinding for rewards.

CEO Stephen Teglas said the plan is to use "gaming as content distribution, not as a grind." He wants to see the gaming experience from "more of an enjoyment standpoint."

Gaming updates are expected in early 2023.

"We've been working on a couple of different game paths with [Animoca]," Teglas said. "We'll be announcing something after the first of the year. We have one project already up in the early development cycle. We have a longer-term one we're working on as well."

In 2023, Cool Cats also plans on having at least two IRL events at SXSW and NFT NYC. The primary focus will be on SXSW because the audience is less web3-oriented and prime for onboarding. 

Additionally, the team will put out its second comic for all holders of the first comic. It has parted ways with Toikido for toy distribution, too.

These announcements come following Evan "Elu" Luza's stripped-back role change to project advisor. The team indicated during the Town Hall that it has established runway financially for the next two to three years.

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