Cool Cats Town Hall Reveals Updates

Cool Cats Town Hall Reveals Updates
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Cool Cats unveiled a handful of updates in its latest Town Hall, headlined by its exclusive collectibles and product line that will hit Macy's flagship stores in September.

The Deets

  • Macy's collectibles: Cool Cats products in 11 flagship stores
  • Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade: Cool Cats designs approved
  • Two tiers of collectibles: Mass market and higher-end options
  • Partnerships for collectibles: Close to signing deals for launch

The Details

Cool Cats is collaborating with Macy's to bring exclusive collectibles and products to the retail giant's customers. These collectibles will be available in 11 flagship Macy's stores starting in September, expanding the reach of the Cool Cats brand and creating new opportunities for fans to engage with the project.

In addition to the in-store collectibles, Cool Cats designs have been approved for the iconic Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. This will further increase the project's visibility and showcase the growing influence of NFTs in mainstream culture. The team earned the right to join the parade in the major Macy's web3 initiative and community vote in late 2022

The team is producing two tiers of collectibles for fans: mass-market products and higher-end collectibles with digitally tied synergies. They are close to signing partnerships to bring these collectibles to market by the end of the year, providing fans with even more opportunities to engage with the Cool Cats brand.

Why It Matters

The partnership between Cool Cats and Macy's highlights the growing acceptance and integration of NFTs into traditional retail channels. This collaboration not only expands the reach of the Cool Cats project but also demonstrates the potential for NFT-based projects to create tangible products and experiences that resonate with a broader audience.

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Keep an eye out for updates on the exclusive Cool Cats collectibles and products hitting Macy's flagship stores in September and stay tuned for more information about the partnerships and launch of the two tiers of collectibles.

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