Avant Arte Teams Up With CryptoPunks

Avant Arte Teams Up With CryptoPunks
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Avant Arte and CryptoPunks, in collaboration with Yuga Labs, are set to launch "10,000 On-Chain," a special print edition for the iconic digital art collectibles.

The Deets

  • Revolutionary Printing: The partnership boasts an innovative printing method utilizing smaller ink droplets for sharper images.
  • Exclusive Paper Stock: After multiple tests, a premium paper stock has been selected to perfectly match the artwork's color, composition, and scale.
  • Time-limited Offer: "10,000 On-Chain" will be available for purchase for 48 hours starting Thursday, 26th October.
  • Own a Punk, Get a Unique Print: Punk owners get an exclusive chance to transform their digital asset into a unique multi-layered print.

The Bulk

Avant Arte further enhanced its reputation by collaborating with Yuga Labs and its legendary CryptoPunks IP. The upcoming "10,000 On-Chain" is a meticulously crafted print edition, representing the collective essence of all 10,000 CryptoPunks, assembled in a square format.

The new printing technique employed delivers sharper pixels, ensuring that each of the 10,000 Punks shines with distinct clarity. This method, combined with the ideal paper stock, results in a masterpiece that does justice to the individuality and significance of each Punk.

Additionally, every purchased piece will bear a silkscreen varnish seal and will be accompanied by a vibrant pink certificate of authenticity. Prices are set at $639 for unframed prints and $1,073 for framed ones.

🎬 Take Action

For those eyeing a piece of this historic collaboration, mark your calendar for Thursday, 26th October at 10:00 EDT. Don't miss out on the 48-hour exclusive release window. Pre-register your interest now at the provided Avant Arte link.

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