CryptoPunks Flip Bored Apes as BendDAO Auctions Ramp Up

CryptoPunks Flip Bored Apes as BendDAO Auctions Ramp Up
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CryptoPunks have re-flipped Bored Ape Yacht Club as the project floors move in opposite directions in early trading today.

CryptoPunks are now at 66.75 ETH ($87,909) after 5 sales in the past hour and 22 sales in the past day. This is a 6 percent gain day-over-day.

Bored Apes are moving the opposite way, down 6 percent on the day to 61 ETH ($80,337). The situation is worse on the Blur marketplace, where BAYC is at 58.5 ETH for non-flagged Apes.

An important storyline to watch in the BAYC market is pending BendDAO auctions. There are currently 14 BAYC NFTs in auctions on BendDAO, with debt ranging from 47.4 ETH to 52.9 ETH. The top bid across these auctions right now is 55 ETH for Bored Ape #385, with other bids ranging from 47.42 to 53.18 ETH, representing the lowest entry price to BAYC assets since late 2021.

Beyond these current auctions, reportedly up to 40 more Apes may be in auction status if the floor moves lower.

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