Exclusive Super-Premium Whisky for Punk Holders

Exclusive Super-Premium Whisky for Punk Holders
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Liquid Collections is collaborating with CryptoPunk holders to offer exclusive custom scotch whisky bottles via their genesis Drops of Punk release early next month.

❗The Details

Liquid Collections has sourced a single cask Scotch to produce ~300 whisky bottles available in its initial "Drops of Punk" release, which will be available only to CryptoPunk holders. Each NFT is backed by six bottles of "Drops of Punk” Scotch where the bottles will be customized to feature the holder's Punk artwork and ID number. 

The whisky itself is a unique 15-year-old single malt scotch that is limited to a single cask selected by the Liquid Collections team. The whisky was distilled in the Scottish Highlands in 2008, initially aged in an ex-bourbon barrel and then re-racked to a 2nd-fill Oloroso sherry cask in February 2022.

🧠 Need to Know

  • The mint will begin on March 8 at the Liquid Collections website.
  • The cask will be bottled in June.
  • Bottles will be exported to the US in late June/July, and ready for delivery in August. Bottles can be shipped within the US only (to 34 states).
  • Punk holders need to be pre-authorized (Punk owner validation) for access to the early mint.

Take Action

  • Interested Punk holders need to pre-authorize as a Punk owner and to indicate from which wallet they intend to mint. TokenProof is one of the tools integrated to validate Punk ownership.
  • The official collection page for pre-authorization and minting is now live at: https://liquidcollections.com/collections/drops-of-punk
  • 40 Punk holders will be selected from the pre-authorized list and provided a guaranteed mint in the initial 24 hour pre-mint period (starting March 8th).
  • On March 9th, any pre-registered Punk-holder can mint.
  • The NFTs (backed by the six bottles of whisky) will cost 0.75 ETH.

🔜 What's Next?

  • Collectors holding a Drops of Punk genesis NFT will gain early access to future releases and have the potential to play a role in shaping the brand's future direction.
  • Liquid Collections has plans to expand Drops of Punk with super premium releases in other coveted spirits categories, including bourbon, rye, Japanese whisky, Irish whiskey, tequila and mezcal.
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