Punks Volume Up, Floor Price Stagnant

Punks Volume Up, Floor Price Stagnant
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CryptoPunks top the Lucky Trader volume rankings over the last 24 hours, trading more than 1,000 ETH on the secondary market during that time. 

Yet while the volume increase signifies a massive 650 percent gain when compared to the previous day, the floor price of the collection remains stagnant at 63.95 ETH. 

Additionally from the Lucky Trader rankings, we can tell that the 1,119 ETH in secondary trading has come on just nine total CryptoPunk sales during the last day headlined by the sale of CryptoPunk #7273, which sold for 369.69 ETH ($497K) earlier today. 

No specific catalyst is apparent for the recent uptick in trading. The latest major news note for the Punks collection came in August, when Yuga Labs officially released the IP rights to CryptoPunk holders.  

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