Yuga Labs Creates Restoration Review Board for CryptoPunks Website

Yuga Labs Creates Restoration Review Board for CryptoPunks Website
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Yuga Labs is putting together a Restoration Review Board to reexamine the code of the Cryptopunks marketplace and eventually improve the site's user experience with community feedback, according to a statement from Yuga Labs CryptoPunks Brand Lead Noah Davis.

In a Twitter thread posted from @CryptoPunksNFTs, the team notes the most consistent feedback it has received from the community of late has been around the need to evolve the CryptoPunks website. Through this initiative, Yuga plans to:

  • "Restore the site"
  • Improve the overall UX/UI
  • Address any technical vulnerabilities

Yuga will be assisted by notable members of the community in its efforts, including @0xfoobar, @0xTycoon, @_MouseDev and @MB__nft. The team has not set a target date for the work to be completed, noting "we will not set artificial deadlines, we want to get this done correctly."


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