We Have a "CryptoZoo" Game, No Thanks to Logan Paul

We Have a "CryptoZoo" Game, No Thanks to Logan Paul
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On January 6, DAOMaker CEO Chris Zaknum, frustrated by false promises from Logan Paul who to-date has failed to lead game development as promised for his CryptoZoo NFT project, tweeted, "It takes 30 days to build CryptoZoo. To prove that I will build: CryptoPoo $POO in less." Two months later, that promise is coming to fruition. 

โ— Why It Matters

Following 30 days of development and 30 days of testing, the DegenZoo game is becoming a reality

๐Ÿ”Ž The Deets

  • DegenZoo's gameplay is similar to what CryptoZoo had intended -- players buy and hatch eggs, and level up by combining hatched animals together.
  • In the hatching process, the larger animal "eats" the other, and the token of the smaller animal is burned. Players may receive $DZOO tokens (the game's native token) as a reward.
  • Zaknun says the team was able to develop the game so quickly by leveraging AI. AI was used to create the images that provided a "rough template" using Midjourney.

โ“ What About CryptoZoo?

CryptoZoo, the original project launched by Paul, had promised to issue refunds to holders. But as of March 7, Coffeezilla noted on Joe Rogan's podcast that those refunds had still not been issued.

๐ŸŽค Founder Feedback

I really think people who do not embed AI into everything they do are not going to be competitive.Chris Zaknun, DAOMaker CEO

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