Deadfellaz, Animoca Brands Announce Partnership

Deadfellaz, Animoca Brands Announce Partnership
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Animoca Brands’ subsidiary Darewise Entertainment is collaborating with DFZ Labs, integrating Deadfellaz into Life Beyond’s web3 ecosystem.

The Deets

  • Strategic partnership: Darewise Entertainment and DFZ Labs unite for Web3 growth.
  • Deadfellaz’s Streamingfellaz: Enhancing Life Beyond’s gameplay streaming.
  • Exclusive NFTs: Darewise acquires Deadfellaz NFTs for community engagement.
  • Shared expertise: Mutual support in expanding Web3 gaming communities.

The Bulk

Animoca Brands’ Darewise Entertainment, known for its game Life Beyond, is now strategically aligned with DFZ Labs, the creator of the web3 brand Deadfellaz. 

Darewise is set to leverage the Deadfellaz community's unique presence in streaming, using their Streamingfellaz avatars for Life Beyond's gameplay showcase. This partnership aims to extend beyond formal alignment, but also a mutual exchange of knowledge and resources, aiming to strengthen each other's position in web3 and web3 gaming. 

By acquiring Deadfellaz NFTs and special trading card game packs, Darewise plans to ignite community engagement and introduce a new dynamic to the gaming experience. These elements will be integrated into Life Beyond’s upcoming releases, like the BOTS game and alpha and beta versions. 

🎤 Founder Feedback

Collaboration is the cornerstone of Web3. Working with Darewise and Animoca Brands, we're envisioning and building a forward-thinking ecosystem.Betty, CEO of DFZ Labs

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