DeadZone LA Tickets Now Available to Purchase for Allowlisted Communities

DeadZone LA Tickets Now Available to Purchase for Allowlisted Communities
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DeadZone LA, a Deadfellaz and Gala Games event in Los Angeles on Oct. 29 at 12:00 a.m. ET, tickets are now available for purchase for allowlisted communities according to a recent tweet.

"Gala Games, Ledger Market, WVRPS by WarpSound, Cool Cats, Doodles, Robotos, Zorotopia, Loser club, World of Women, Boss Beauties, Ghxsts, Cryptobatz, Sad Girls Bar, Galverse, Fvck Avatars, Jadu AVA, Adam Bomb Squad, Souls, Rug Radio Genesis, Riot Girls by Pussy Riot & Gremplin, Mutual Love, A0k1verse, Multibeasts, Whisbe Vandals, Clone X, Clever Girls Degen Toonz, Renga, Habibis, Alien Frens, Run Ed Run, Kreepy Klub, Take up Space, Invaders NFT, Rug Radio Genesis & Membership, Hearts , Mad Pup Pass, Subtraction by ThankYouX & Mpkoz, Tracking — ThankYouX, Genesis Idol by Monstercat, Windchime, Littles, Pak Ash II, Lindsey Byrnes, Quirkies, Creature World, Cryptoon Goonz, My BFF, Therapets, Crypto Coven, Mystic Sisters, Bad Tattoos Town, Mr Wrangler, Chicago Bulls Aurochs, Anti-Spam Bots, TIME pieces, People of Crypto, KitBash Boogers, Toy Boogers, Admit One, and Adidas: Into the Metaverse" holders will be able to purchase tickets via tokenproof to the event for $50 per ticket according to the official press release.

Eligible market participants who wish to purchase a ticket can do so on the official tokenproof website.

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