Deadfellaz Partners With Wrangler Jeans

Deadfellaz Partners With Wrangler Jeans
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Deadfellaz is officially partnering with Wrangler Jeans to bring together web2 and web3, according to a recent tweet from the project. 

"What's green and wears denim?," the tweet jokes. "A Deadfellaz X Wrangler partnership."

Details on the collaboration are scarce, but it seems to involve a "choose your own adventure" game competition, which is led by the game's participants. There will be a chance to win prizes, both physical and digital, throughout the competition.

"We're looking forward to building a lasting partnership, and we're excited to be bringing you all along with us," the team concluded. "Stay tuned for more information."

This is a developing story. Lucky Trader will provide additional details as they are released.

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