Popular NFT Project 'Degenheim' Delays Reveal

Popular NFT Project 'Degenheim' Delays Reveal
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The highly anticipated reveal of popular NFT project Degenheim is now happening in "one hour, possibly sooner." Head over to OpenSea to see the new artwork when it reveals.

"Attention Degens, your boxes have changed and are on the brink of collapsing," the team teased five hours ago on Twitter. "Containment of absolute peak degeneracy is failing. It's only a matter of time before they burst open."

Then, 50 minutes ago, the team issued a final warning, adding a 1-of-1 animated NFT teaser to the tweet.

"The boxes are on the verge of breaking down," the team wrote. "Within 30 minutes, they will be unable to contain all the degeneracy in them."

But the team is experiencing technical issues.

"Pinata ... rugged our upload multiple times due to [the] 25GB folder size cap (collection has 23.8GB)," the team wrote on Twitter. "We already have a solution and the collection is being uploaded; online within [one hour], possibly sooner."

Headed into the reveal, Degenheim established a floor price around 0.09 ETH. There were 27 sales in 30 minutes following the final reveal warning. The floor price dropped when the 30 minutes past and the team was silent about the technical issue, but it has since rebounded to 0.91 ETH at the time of writing.

The project is "founded and developed by seasoned experts from the gaming industry," according to its OpenSea description. There are already two official lore trailers released, and Degenheim is partnered strategically with CyberKongz, Neo Tokyo, Llamaverse, EtherOrcs, OpenDAO, and others.

"Imagine having the fun of playing Diablo, Hades, Path of Exile, Lost Ark etc. within a world where virtually anything in-game can become an NFT," the projet's website reads. "That is Degenheim."

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