DeGods Opens Points Parlor

DeGods Opens Points Parlor
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DeGods' latest initiative, Points Parlor, offers a strategic gaming experience where staked DeGods earn points to unlock prize packs. 

The Deets

  • Stake your Season III DeGods to earn Points.
  • Utilize Points to unlock different Packs containing Prizes.
  • Game mechanics are layered, integrating price dynamics and prize distributions.
  • Tesla included as a teased prize. 

The Bulk

After much anticipation, the Points Parlor is now available for DeGods holders. This seemingly simple game allows participants to utilize their staked Season III DeGods, earn Points, and subsequently use these points to unveil packs. Each pack leads to a prize. 

However, Points Parlor is not just a game of luck; it is designed as a strategic challenge. With varying prize distributions across different packs and fluctuating pack prices based on gameplay.

For the first four days, Points Parlor is sponsored by NFT marketplace, Kraken NFT, a collaboration that has allowed the stocking of notable prizes - including a Tesla. 

Other brands can partake in the Points Parlor extravaganza by sponsoring prizes, providing an opportunity to engage with the DeGods and y00ts community.

🎤 Project Prose

Everything we do at de[labs] is about giving back to our community. We hope you enjoy our new experiment.DeGods}

🎬Take Action

Downgraded and staked DeGods can participate in the Points Parlor now.

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