DeGods Pivot From Duppies to "y00ts"

DeGods Pivot From Duppies to "y00ts"

DeGods announced a handful of updates including the creation of a new website and making what was known as "Duppies" into "y00ts" according to a tweet from earlier this morning.

While the specifics of what y00ts is planned to be are currently unknown, a team member from DeGods stated that "y00ts is not an airdrop or a stealth mint," letting users know that details of the release will be made public prior to the actual drop.

While project specifics such as the release date and the utility are not currently released, it is known that the art for y00ts will be done by artist John Le

The current floor price of DeGods is 274.00 SOL according to its project page on MagicEden.

More about DeGods

DeGods is a deflationary collection of degenerates, punks, and misfits powered by the Solana Blockchain. A DeGod NFT gives holders the ability to mine $DUST (the project's native token), provides access to DeGods NFT tracking mobile app DYOR, membership into the DeGods community, and tons of other cool utilities.

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