First 5,000 DeGods Bridged to Ethereum

First 5,000 DeGods Bridged to Ethereum
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DeGods officially made the transition to Ethereum last night, beginning with an announcement at 9:30 PM ET. As of Saturday morning, over 5,000 DeGods had already made the journey from Solana to Ethereum.

❗ Why It Matters

Long considered the premier Solana NFT project, DeGods are leaving their home in a move that follows y00ts migration to Polygon earlier this week. There has been a lot of debate over where the DeGods collection will rank among Ethereum NFTs post-bridge, with popular opinion settling somewhere around the Azuki tier. DeGods has not disappointed in their first few hours on Ethereum. 

🔎The Details

  • Dust Labs is covering all gas fees related to the migration through 9:30 PM ET tonight.
  • On April 3, a "Paper Hands Bridge Tax" will go into effect on the original Solana collection. Those who do not bridge to Ethereum will face a royalty fee of 33.3% should they choose to sell their DeGod NFT on Solana. DeGods on Ethereum will have a royalty fee of only 0.33%.
  • One lucky DeGods holder who migrates their NFT within the first 24 hours will win a BTC DeGod.
  • The first DeGod sold on Ethereum went for 11.1 ETH.

🔢 By The Numbers

The project's floor price on Ethereum currently sits at 10.4 ETH (or $19,000 USD), trailing Azuki by around 3.5 ETH. The floor price on Solana on Magic Eden sits around the same range, at 939 SOL, or $18,780.

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🎤 Community Feedback

It took me 76 seconds to send off my @DeGodsNFT to migration. Seamless and entertaining. Thank you @frankdegods and @kevindegods and all the chads on the team@glxtchtheworld

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