Frank DeGods 'Clarifies' DeGods, y00ts Roadmap

Frank DeGods 'Clarifies' DeGods, y00ts Roadmap
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DeGods and y00ts announced major updates, including the closure of Points Parlor and the launch of innovative community initiatives like de[starter] and de[id].

The Deets

  • Discontinuation of Points Parlor for DeGods & y00ts due to community dissatisfaction and system issues
  • Assembling a dedicated team for BTC DeGods
  • Partnership with KrakenFX for de[Basel] events at Art Basel in Miami Beach
  • Hiring Presidents for y00ts and DeGods to work with Frank
  • Development of de[id] identity system integrating both on-chain and off-chain activities
  • Launch of [de]ToX App for content curation from DeGods and y00ts creators
  • Introduction of de[starter] to de-risk NFT IP-based ventures, starting with merchandise
  • Enhancement of community connections through a Y Combinator-style directory and chat discovery engine
  • Emphasis on IRL connections with over 100 community events and the establishment of de[city] in major cities

The Bulk

The recent "Clarify" phase announcements from DeGods and y00ts mark a significant shift in strategy, focused on community empowerment and growth. The first major announcement was the discontinuation of the Points Parlor initiative, which addressed the community's dissatisfaction with its skewed distribution and RNG-based rewards.

Meanwhile, the team is doubling down on its community. It will start with the hiring of Presidents for y00ts and DeGods, who will work alongside Frank without a budget but with posting privileges. 

The launch of the [de]ToX App is a strategic move to curate and promote content from within the DeGods and y00ts communities, fostering a more connected ecosystem. Moreover, the introduction of de[starter] aims to lower barriers for utilizing NFT IP in business ventures, starting with merchandise.

Finally, the emphasis on IRL connections and the establishment of de[city] in major global hubs highlights the project's hope to connect community members in real-life.

The partnership with KrakenFX for de[Basel] promises a unique blend of art and crypto, with activities planned at a villa in Miami Beach. This initiative is a clear move towards integrating digital art in prestigious physical art events.

Last but not least, the project provided an update on the development of de[id], a comprehensive identity system, which showcases an innovative approach to integrating on-chain and off-chain activities and building and verifying a digital reputation. 

๐Ÿ“Š By The Numbers

DeGods are up 3.59% over the last 24 hours while y00ts are down 1.68%. 

๐ŸŽค Founder Feedback

The strongest economies are created when every individual is motivated by self interest. Strong economies create opportunity. Opportunity attracts incredible people. Incredible people make a valuable community..Frank, Lead of DeGods and y00ts

๐Ÿ”œ What's Next? 

A comprehensive and interactive roadmap is expected in the coming days, including additional announcements from Frank and team. 

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