Frank Shares History of DeGods

Frank Shares History of DeGods
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Frank DeGods shared a detailed telling of the rise of DeGods and y00ts in a longform tweet to his audience over the weekend.

The Deets

  • DeGods started with human PFPs amidst animal PFP trend.
  • Introduced the Paper Hand Bitch Tax for under-the-floor listings.
  • Launched the fair token, $DUST, with a max supply of 33,300,000.
  • Pioneered the art upgrade meta with DeadGods.
  • Bridged blockchains, and started anew on BTC. 
  • Introduced de[id] as next major initiative, with S3 coming soon. 

The Bulk

Originating as an antithesis to the raging trend of animal-themed PFPs, DeGods introduced human avatars to make their holders feel revered, like gods. The experimental approach gave birth to the Paper Hand Bitch Tax, though it was unsuccessful.

Pivoting, they then launched a token, $DUST, replicating the simplicity of Bitcoin's structure. This initiative stood in contrast to the complex and sometimes unfair tokenomics of other NFT projects of that era.

One of the most groundbreaking steps was the art upgrade, which converted DeGods to DeadGods, making them a frontrunner project on SOL. The project solidified its staying power by purchasing a basketball team in the Big3 league for $500K.

Yet, the allure for a fresh collection was palpable. Instead of predictable extensions, Frank and team introduced y00ts and the y00tlist, aiming to reshape community-building in web3. y00ts and DeGods later bridged blockchains to Polygon and Ethereum, respectively. 

The blockchain move set the stage for a new entrant, Bitcoin. In 2023, Frank discovered Ordinals and "decided to flex on everybody and literally inscribe an entire Bitcoin block." 

Since that time, the company teased de[id] an improvement on holder verification, to continue to improve infrastructure for community building. It's next 

It hasn't all been smooth sailing. Frank pointed the 0% royalty trend, and FTX collapse as difficult times. 

๐ŸŽค Community Quotes

In late January is when I first saw Ordinals. It became obvious to me that this ecosystem would be a big deal. So we decided to flex on everybody and literally inscribe an entire Bitcoin blockFrank DeGods

๐Ÿ”œ What's Next?

Frank's project rundown comes just two days ahead of the launch of DeGods Season 3, which is expected to launch on August 9. 

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