Weekly Frank AMAs Coming for DeGods and y00ts

Weekly Frank AMAs Coming for DeGods and y00ts
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Frank DeGods will participate in community-hosted AMAs starting early next week for both the DeGods and y00ts community, according to a message shared in the DeLabs Discord

The Deets

  • Members of the XDeGods and y007ts sub-communities will gather pressing community questions and feedback. 
  • Frank will record two separate AMAs, one with each community. 
  • AMAs will be shared for all to watch and will continue until new team members are onboarded. 
  • Schedule is TBD for now, but the start is expected early next week. 

❗Why It Matters

Making all community members happy is a fool's errand, but Frank is borrowing a page from PROOF's book, looking to more transparently update holders on the initiatives of DeGods and y00ts. Though the recognition is coming retrospectively, Frank's AMA is at least an attempt to rectify the poor communication he realizes has been present in the last few months. The lack of project communication is a frequently a gripe of NFT holders, but even the notoriously bad communicators (Doodles) may be coming around to a growing trend of "innovating in public" versus building in silence (hat tip, Pixel Vault). 

🎤 Founder Feedback

I empathize with any holder that has been disappointed in us lately. I'm aware that communication has been bad. To solve this, I'll be recording & publishing a structured, information dense AMA with leadership of @XDeGods & @y007ts every week.Frank DeGods

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