y00ts Moving, DeGods Season III Brings Major Updates

y00ts Moving, DeGods Season III Brings Major Updates
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DeLabs, the team behind DeGods and y00ts, announced three major updates in the last 12 hours, including a y00ts migration, DeGods Season III and the opening of the Points Parlor. 

The Deets

  • y00ts shifts from Polygon to Ethereum, returning 100% of the Polygon grant.
  • Funds re-invested for NFT growth, aiming to unite y00ts and DeGods communities.
  • DeGods Season III introduces 20,000 new art pieces, no dilution. 
  • Four generations of art for each DeGod, introduction of Female DeGods
  • Season III DeGods update costs 333 $DUST; funds boost the Points Parlor prize pool.
  • More info is expected on Points Parlor today. 

The Bulk

Frank DeGods rolled out substantial updates to the DeGods NFT ecosystem. First, the y00ts community will be transitioning from Polygon to Ethereum. As part of the move, the entirety of the grant received from Polygon will be returned. Polygon will then be able to strategically utilize them to foster NFT ecosystem expansion, focusing on supporting creators and developers. The transition symbolizes the intention to unify the DeGods & y00ts communities.

Additionally, the announcement of DeGods Season III was made, with the integration of 20,000 new pieces of generative art. These additions will not dilute the existing art pieces but instead, provide minor updates and boosts to existing DeGods. The move will also diversify the collection, as 1:1 swappable female versions will be introduced. DeGods also removed traits that were unwanted by the community, reducing gore and improving inclusivity. 

The process of updating existing DeGods to Season III comes with a 333 $DUST fee. Interestingly, this fee will decrease over time to ensure all members can enjoy the new art and win prizes. Any $DUST used to convert DeGods to Season III will contribute to the Points Parlor prize pool, a platform that allows DeGods holders to use points to play games and win exclusive prizes. A sneak peek reveals prizes ranging from a Tesla to everyday essentials like groceries. More details on this are anticipated.

📊 By the Numbers

$DUST, the ecosystem token necessary for upgrading to Season III DeGods, is down 2.2% in the last 24 hours. The token is now priced at $2.41, down 68% from its all-time high of $7.58. 

At a price of $2.41, users hoping to upgrade their DeGod immediately will need to pay approximately $800 to do so. 

🎤 Founder Feedback

Looking forward to rolling this out. It's something that will start out looking like a toy. But, I believe this is the beginning of a new business model for NFT communities.Frank DeGods on Points Parlor

🧐 Wait, What?

In simpler terms, DeGods is shaking up its NFT collection with new artwork and features. They're also making a big move from one blockchain (Polygon) to another (Ethereum) with the y00ts collection to better unite the communities.

🔜 What's Next?

Stay tuned for the exact date of y00ts' migration to Ethereum and further revelations about the Points Parlor.

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