Digi Dragons Begin Transformation

Digi Dragons Begin Transformation
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DigiDaigaku Dragon Eggs, a collection that was dropped by Limit Break during Super Bowl LVII, have begun transforming, the team announced via Twitter this afternoon.

🔎The Details

The Dragon Eggs become Baby Dragons, which come in one of eight types: Terra, Arctic, Lightning, Astro, Fire, Luna, Sea, Sky, Spirit and Forest. Upon revealing a Baby Dragon, the corresponding Dragon Egg NFT will be burned. On the news, the collection's floor price is up nearly 9% on Blur, currently 0.09 ETH at the time of writing.

⚡ Take Action

To reveal a Dragon Egg, holders can follow these steps:

  1. Head to https://digidaigaku.com/quests and connect your wallet.
  2. Click "Start Quest."
  3. Once your Dragon Eggs appear, click on them one-by-one to reveal individually, or more multiple into your cart for a bulk reveal. If you have more than one Egg, revealing in bulk is encouraged to reduce gas fees.
  4. Follow the MetaMask prompts and click "Reveal."

🎤 Founder Feedback

Your Baby Dragons have arrived! Go check yours out! They're so cute!!! Great job on the designs @illosbyhoon. Will you use your Dragon Essence to make a Giant Dragon? The choice arrives soon!Gabriel Leydon

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