Rainbow Puke Doodle Sells for 50 ETH

Rainbow Puke Doodle Sells for 50 ETH
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Doodle #8704, a rainbow puke Doodle featuring devil horns, traded for 50 ETH on X2Y2 this morning

While the sale marks a notable ETH increase for the NFT (21.12 ETH), it registered a net-USD loss of more than $50,000 due to the decrease in the price of ETH. 

It's no surprise that the NFT traded on X2Y2, and not OpenSea (where the rainbow puke floor is 28 ETH), as Doodles' have not opted into royalties on X2Y2's marketplace, despite X2Y2's change to enforce creator royalties earlier this week. Additionally, as part of a promotional period, X2Y2 is taking no trading fee on the sale, netting the seller the full 50 ETH. 

Had the seller listed this NFT on OpenSea, they would have yielded five percent of the sale (1 ETH) to Doodles as part of the creator royalty. 

The Doodles' floor price is up more than 15 percent this week to 6.87 ETH on OpenSea. 

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