ENS Domain Sees $1 Million Bid

ENS Domain Sees $1 Million Bid
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An Ethereum Name Service domain for one of the most profitable companies in America has a million-dollar bid that expires in 24 hours. 

Amazon.eth, which was purchased for 33 ETH on Feb. 7 (about $103,000 at the time), has a one-million USDC bid set to end on July 19 at 3 p.m. ET. If the bid is accepted, it would be the highest sale of an ENS domain since paradigm.eth sold for 420 ETH ($1.54 million at the time) in October of 2021.

The wallet which made the bid added one million in USDC from a Kraken account Monday morning. 

ENS has seen more than 8,900 ETH in volume in the last month, with most of the volume concentrated on the lower-digit and word domains. A user spent 184 ETH on porno.eth June 29 — the largest word sale since the paradigm.eth sale.

Amazon was the seventh-most profitable company in the U.S. in 2021, netting $33.4 billion, according to Fortune.

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