Ethereum Name Service, GoDaddy Announce Partnership

Ethereum Name Service, GoDaddy Announce Partnership
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GoDaddy and Ethereum Name Service (ENS) announced a partnership to streamline web3 domain management for traditional domain holders. 

The Deets

  • Streamlined Experience: GoDaddy's domain management interface now supports easy Ethereum address association for DNS domains.
  • No Extra Cost: The integration allows for seamless use across web3 applications without additional fees.
  • Gasless DNSSEC: Thanks to ENS DAO's EP5.1, DNS domains integrate with ENS without transaction fees.
  • First of Its Kind: GoDaddy is the pioneering registrar to adopt this groundbreaking feature.

The Bulk

GoDaddy, the globe's premier domain registrar, announced a partnership with Ethereum Name Service (ENS). This collaboration is set to simplify the process for GoDaddy customers wishing to bridge their domain names with the Ethereum blockchain, facilitating a seamless interaction with web3.

The newly introduced functionality within GoDaddy's domain management platform enables users to easily link an Ethereum address to their domain names, like .com or .xyz. 

This initiative leverages the recent introduction of ENS' Gasless DNSSEC, a feature which eliminates the transaction fees traditionally associated with importing DNS names into the ENS ecosystem. 

🎬 Take Action

GoDaddy customers looking to leverage their DNS domains within the web3 ecosystem,  can visit their domain management dashboard today to link their Ethereum address to a domain. 

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