ENS Launches Major Domain Management Update

ENS Launches Major Domain Management Update
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Ethereum Name Service (ENS) launched a significant update to its app, enhancing how ownership is displayed and managed.

The Deets

  • Introduction of a new 'Ownership' tab for better visibility on name management.
  • Ownership display is now centered on addresses linked to a name.
  • Improved roles management, making the process more intuitive.
  • "Send" functionality revamped, facilitating easy gifting of names to peers.
  • Introduction of 'Sync manager' button to align Owner and Manager roles seamlessly.

The Bulk

Ethereum Name Service (ENS) unveiled a notable overhaul to its application interface at ENS app. Among the most prominent changes is the introduction of an 'Ownership' tab, emphasizing its pivotal role in the ENS ecosystem.

Ownership is now portrayed more transparently. Rather than focusing on the methods of attachment, users will now see addresses linked to a name, ensuring clarity on "who can change my name." The objective is to simplify the visualization of unintended addresses linked to a particular name.

Coupled with these changes is a revamp in role management. Previously, users had to 'send' roles to themselves – a process many found bewildering. The update offers a more streamlined flow, permitting modifications to multiple permissions. The 'Send' functionality now stays true to its denomination, letting users transfer all editable roles to a different address with an option to erase profile data.

Another noteworthy feature is the 'Sync manager' button. This proves handy, especially when the Owner and Manager roles differ, allowing the Owner to swiftly assign themselves as the Manager - a beneficial tool when acquiring names from secondary platforms.

Adding a visual touch, users will notice the introduction of indigo helpers throughout the interface. This novel pattern, central to the manager application, is expected to permeate the entire application in due course.

These enhancements stem from user feedback, particularly concerning the previously perplexing send flow. Community testing played a crucial role in shaping this solution.

🎤 Community Quotes

These changes were driven by you, the user, telling us that the previous send flow was confusing (it was), and the solution was shaped through testing with the community.ENS

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You can explore the latest features on the ENS app now.

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