Ghxsts' Longer Term Vision For Cxlxrs

Ghxsts' Longer Term Vision For Cxlxrs
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The @Ghxsts Twitter account shed some more light on its plans for the Cxlxr Wheel, a recent open edition collection dropped by the project, in a Twitter thread Monday night.

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The project re-affirmed its plans to introduce a burn mechanism and expressed it has a long-term vision for Cxlxrs.

🧠 Need to Know

  • Ghxsts is waiting for Manifold to add support for "multiple NFT burns" before launching its Cxlxr Blend burn mechanism.
  • Burning a red and yellow edition will create an orange, blue and yellow will create green and burning red and blue will create purple.
  • The project teased "other burns and rewards" that are coming for Cxlxrs holders.

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