Gyangu Sees Huge Spike in Buys From Profitable NFT Traders

Gyangu Sees Huge Spike in Buys From Profitable NFT Traders
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Gyangu, a mysterious NFT project that launched on Jul. 6, has seen a massive spike in purchases from profitable NFT traders, or "sharp wallets."

A sharp wallet is defined as a wallet with 50 ETH or more in profits after 50 or more NFT buys, sells, and trades.

Gyangu, over the last 24 hours, has seen 190 total unique sharp wallet buys and 39 unique sharp wallet sells, resulting in a net positive 151 total sharp wallet additions.

Currently, slightly more than five percent of total Gyangu holders are sharp, according to Lucky Trader's new Sharp Report.

Gyangu is "a brotherhood of true Gyangu that put their fellow Gyangu above all laws and codes." It was created by "those who shall not be named."

Since launch, the project has completed more than 150 ETH in total volume on OpenSea and has a floor price of 0.06 ETH. Gyangu is still unrevealed.

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