The HV-MTL Forge Is Coming Next Week

The HV-MTL Forge Is Coming Next Week
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Yuga Labs will kick off its HV-MTL Forge and first season on June 29, introducing a gameplay where players can build, customize, and upgrade their HVs to prepare them for evolution.

The Deets

  • Build: Create and personalize your workshop to prepare your HVs for their evolution.
  • Flex: Showcase your creations to climb the leaderboard and unlock special abilities.
  • Fight: Face the dangers of the rift to uncover blueprints and gather essential materials.
  • Evolve: Craft upgrades that evolve your HVs.

The Bulk

The HV-MTL Forge and first season will start on Thursday, June 29. In gameplay (which was teased in video), players will build, flex, fight, and evolve their HV-MTL NFTs. 

Moreover, players can flex their creative muscles by showcasing their unique creations to climb the leaderboard and unlock special abilities.

The game also offers an adventurous twist where players can choose to fight, face the dangers of the rift, and discover blueprints. Players can gather essential materials for crafting upgrades to evolve their HVs. This element of risk and reward adds an exciting layer to the gameplay, keeping players intrigued and invested.

๐Ÿง Wait, What?

For those unfamiliar with the term, HVs are the in-game assets in HV-MTL Forge. They're like your digital sidekicks, and you can upgrade and evolve them through the gameplay elements.

๐Ÿ“Š By the Numbers

After the announcement, HV-MTL NFTs quickly spiked, but have since retraced to a floor of 0.85 ETH. The collection is down 18% in the last month.

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