Yuga Labs Unveils HV-MTL Forge Game Guide

Yuga Labs Unveils HV-MTL Forge Game Guide
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Yuga Labs released a game guide for the HV-MTL Forge, a hybrid game that morphs from a casual world builder into a competitive dungeon crawler.

The Deets

  • HV-MTL Forge: A novel, hybrid game starting as a world builder and ending as a dungeon crawler
  • Player's Objective: To evolve their HV into an Evo2 through creating a forge
  • The Forge: Generates energy needed to explore The Rift and keeps the HV content
  • Forge's Fate: Decided by community voting after each three-week-long season

The Bulk

The HV-MTL Forge begins as a blend of pet and world building game, gradually transforming into a challenging dungeon crawler.

In this gaming experience, players' Humanoid Vehicles (HVs) rely on them to reach their next evolutionary form, Evo2. To accomplish this, players need to construct their own workshop or forge, which generates the required energy for exploring The Rift while keeping their HVs satisfied.

As a unique element of community engagement, the fate of a player's forge is at the mercy of fellow players who vote daily on its design and efficiency. At the end of a three-week season, votes are tallied and the destiny of each forge is determined.

๐Ÿ“Š By the Numbers

Yuga Labs committed to six seasons for HV-MTL Forge, the first of which will kickoff tomorrow, June 29. HV-MTL NFTs are up 13% in the last week in anticipation of the Forge opening. 

๐ŸŽค Founder Feedback

Speaking about the game and the anticipated release, Yuga Labs co-founder Greg Solano said:

These HV's are currently in their 'Evo 1' form. Basically, Charmander stage. They're a little cute even though yeah they could probably fuck you up. As far as mechs go, they are basically pre-adolescent. Forge is how we take a HV from Evo 1 to the next stage. You won't need twitchy reflexes like you did with Dookey Dash. This space is creative, social, and funny, so Forge was designed to tap into all that. You can win and just be... chilling.Greg Solano

๐ŸŽฌ Take Action 

Users can view the game guide in full here

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