DeeKay Offers to Help Those Impacted by Hack

DeeKay Offers to Help Those Impacted by Hack
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Animator DeeKay Kwon has offered to help people affected by a recent Twitter hack.

The hack occurred late last night, and DeeKay's account is now secure again.

"I got my account back," he tweeted at around 3 a.m. ET. "Apologies for this ugly event, and a sincere thank you to everyone who helped to inform others. I was in panic mode for hours and now I need some time to calm down."

But before he took the time to calm down, DeeKay posted a Twitter thread asking for those impacted by the hack to reach out to him so he could help "work something out."

That thread now has more than 60 total replies, and DeeKay has responded to some of them.

"I was affected," wrote apparent Coinbase engineer Crypt0mid.eth. "I'm such a fool but lesson learned. Still admire you for your work, would love to chat."

Of those impacted that DeeKay responded to, the total damage was four goblins, 15 Terraforms, four Cool Cats, three Azukis, four BEANZ, and other unspecified NFTs.

"Need to sleep," he tweeted around 6 a.m. ET. "Will continue tomorrow."

For those who were not impacted by the hack, DeeKay suggests they revoke all permissions via MetaMask.

"I believe it should be fine if nothing is going on with your OpenSea activity," he said. "Please make sure you revoked all [permissions on MetaMask]."

It is not yet known how DeeKay plans on helping those affected by the hack.

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