Meebits Step Into The Otherside

Meebits Step Into The Otherside
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In its latest play test, Yuga Labs invited Meebits holders to use their Meebit avatars in the Otherside for the first time. 

The Deets

  • Concept Art Peek: Play-testers in Berlin experienced new concept art from the Otherside team.
  • Meebit Avatars: Completely rebuilt and optimized avatars specially crafted for Otherside.
  • Meetropolis Introduction: A novel island in Otherside where nature combines with voxel elements.
  • Community Involvement: Participants provided crucial feedback and celebrated with Meebits-themed refreshments.

The Bulk

During a special play-test event in Berlin, a select group comprising 40 Meebits and Voyagers were introduced to several groundbreaking concepts being developed by the Otherside team. The group was treated to exclusive glimpses of the latest concept art which provided insights into the visual direction Otherside is pursuing.

Among the unveilings was Meetropolis, a newly crafted island located within Otherside with inspiration from Meebits. 

📊 By the Numbers

The Meebits floor price is up 9% in the last week to 0.98 ETH. 

🔜 What's Next

A full play test trailer is expected to better showcase the Meebits Otherside adventure. 

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