New Mems Perk Shop Offers Lollapalooza Passes to Select Holders

New Mems Perk Shop Offers Lollapalooza Passes to Select Holders
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Mems updated its website, adding a new team section, access to its perk shop, merchandise, and a new Mems market.

While most of the updates are aesthetic or minor, the perk shop offers a new and interesting way for Mems to give back to its community.

The NFT project, which minted out in April and has since seen more than 1,200 ETH in total volume traded on OpenSea, partnered with LollaFrens, the official NFT account for Lollapalooza, an annual four-day music festival in Chicago. Each Mem with a rainbow item trait is eligible to claim a free Lollapalooza general admission pass.

The Mems team is looking to expand their offerings to other products and services in the future.

"Mems is a brand centered around the premise of promoting the creation of new memories," the team wrote on Twitter. "Taking a glance at the collection, all Mem traits were created with the hope of bringing back the simplicity of shared experience."

In order to bring back those shared experiences, Mems is looking to offer holders access to sporting events, unique hobbies, special settings, and more.

"While certain rewards will be available to all Mem holders, we're taking advantage of the vast number of traits in our collection to tailor specific rewards to collectors of certain traits," the team continued. "This allows us to act on our vision of creating a community brand while also building out subsets of our mission based on community interest. We hope this will allow our holder base to truly find Mems that connect with their lifestyle."

Access the Mems' perks shop here.

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