Sartoshi Returns, Drops $mfer

Sartoshi Returns, Drops $mfer
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Sartoshi, creator of mfers, announced the creation of mfercoin, a new meme coin designed to celebrate and unite the crypto community over the weekend. 

The Deets

  • Fixed Supply: 1 billion $mfer tokens with a no-presale policy
  • Initial Distribution: 20% to mfer ecosystem participants, 80% to liquidity
  • Community Focus: No tokens for influencers; treasury holds 10 million for future use
  • Identity: Blue-hued mfer prototype as the official logo, signifying accessibility and homage to Ethereum's origins

The Bulk

Memecoin mania continues, this time with a twist in the introduction of mfercoin by sartoshi.eth, a concept that stems from the spirited ethos of the mfer community.

With one billion total tokens, the allocation strategy bucked the current presale meta trend; earmarking no supply for special parties.

Instead, a significant portion (20 percent) was distributed among the existing mfer ecosystem, including holders of specific NFTs and contributors to the community with the other 80% going to liquidity provision. 

📊 By the Numbers

Shortly after launch, $mfer quickly blossomed, running to more than a $300 million market cap in the first day. It's pulled back at present time to $183 million market cap, providing each mfer NFT with approximately $2,000 worth of $mfer tokens. 

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