Animoca Brands Partners With Polygon, AWS for Accelerator

Animoca Brands Partners With Polygon, AWS for Accelerator
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Animoca Brands, Amazon Web Services, and Polygon Labs unveiled MoonRealm Express Accelerator, an initiative to propel web3 development globally.

The Deets

  • Accelerator Program: Focus on decentralized identity, SocialFi, and GameFi.
  • Strategic Collaboration: Aimed at supporting Web3 builders worldwide.
  • Mocaverse: Central platform for development and innovation.
  • Comprehensive Support: Includes web3 masterclasses, hackathons, and project incubation.

The Bulk

In a groundbreaking move, Animoca Brands, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Polygon Labs have joined forces to launch the MoonRealm Express Accelerator. This program is designed to support and accelerate the growth of Web3 builders globally. Leveraging Animoca Brands' flagship project, Mocaverse, the accelerator aims to foster development in key emerging areas like decentralized identity, SocialFi, and GameFi.

The initiative will provide an extensive range of support to aspiring builders, encompassing everything from the inception of ideas to comprehensive development support. This includes Web3 masterclasses, builder-centric hackathons, and incubating high-quality projects. The accelerator is focused on turning innovative concepts into practical, real-world Web3 solutions.

Moreover, the inaugural cohort of MoonRealm Express Accelerator will concentrate on expanding the ecosystem of Mocaverse. This includes building upon recent developments like Moca ID and Realm Points on the Polygon chain. The program’s first hackathon, slated for early 2024, will challenge participants to create protocols that utilize and enhance the Moca ID on-chain identity ecosystem and integrate Realm Points as key assets.

๐Ÿ“Š By the Numbers

AWS has committed to invest $1.1 million to support up to 500 eligible startups under the inaugural cohort, offering an array of resources including AWS Activate, technical masterclasses, and venture capital exposure.

๐ŸŽค Founder Feedback

We are committed to building the largest Web3 ecosystem in culture and entertainment. This collaboration with AWS and Polygon Labs is a monumental step towards empowering builders to contribute to this vision.Yat Siu, Co-founder and Executive Chairman, Animoca Brands

๐Ÿ”œ What's Next?

The MoonRealm Express Accelerator program is now open for applications. Companies interested in participating and leveraging this unique opportunity to grow in the Web3 space are encouraged to apply through the Mocaverse program webpage.

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