Mooncatz Anticipated Reveal Is Now Live

Mooncatz Anticipated Reveal Is Now Live
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Mooncatz's, a collection of 5,555 pixelated cats similar to the popular PROOF Collective and Kevin Rose-created project Moonbirds, official reveal is now live.

The project minted out at 0.0069 ETH each after the first 1,111 NFTs were minted for free.

In the last week, Mooncatz completed 5,597 total sales for 861 ETH and maintained a floor price of 0.06 ETH per NFT, according to Lucky Trader's Project Rankings.

For NFT rankings and traits information, see Lucky Trader's Rarity Rankings here.

"The Catz are about to take over the world," the project's website reads.

The project has no Discord and no roadmap.

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